Friday, January 25, 2013

My Candy Weakness

I was totally able to walk into the store, buy what I needed, and walk right past this display without a second thought of purchasing any. I love peanut M&M's. I can't resist hardly ever. And the bags even said something like "buy two, get one free". I didn't even reach out for them.
The big huge bags are my favorites! They last longer than 45 seconds. Halloween size is just a workout...opening all those tiny bags. But the COSTCO SIZE! Oh gosh, I just felt a little rush of excitement there.
I like them because they melt AND crunch depending on how you eat them. I usually start off shoving a handful in my face hole, then the second round goes to the upper cheeks for a full melty routine: two in each upper cheek, one on the tongue. Then crunch. Drop down one from each side, then crunch. Repeat.
To get super technical, the cheek candies should be the same colors on each side. The tongue one should be a different color. Example: Left cheek- green and yellow, right cheek- yellow and green (in the same placement), tongue- blue.
Yes, I've had serious practice to make this into a habit.
In high school, I can remember them getting rid of the baby poo brown color. I voted like a million times by phone (corded, creamy white-colored, push button, phone) to have blue as the replacement. I'd like to think that I, personally, had something to do with blue winning. You're welcome.
A few years back, I wasn't able to resist that candy display. Not only did I end up buying the huge bag, I also bought a 4 pack of plastic M&M's plates. Yes, you read that correctly, freakin' PLATES WITH THE M&M's FACES IN THEM!!!
SOOO...It's kinda a big deal that I walked out of there with bags of apples, beets, mushrooms, asparagus, bananas, and chicken thighs...and no M&M's.

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