Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Full of Food!

Growing up, we all liked to dog pile on my dad. He's a big guy, but having three kids pile up on you, probably gets old after a few minutes. And boy did we love to torture him! Sometimes, we would just all go over and squeeze the crud out of him with hugs all at the same time. This usually happened while he was sitting in his chair at the kitchen counter.

And his reaction was always the same if he had just eaten.

"FULL OF FOOD!" He would moan. This meant that he was too full to be any fun.

I've realized that when I'm "full of food," I too become a grumpy, lazy bear. I had an amazing pot roast from my crock pot this evening. And yes, I'm "full of food." What have I accomplished since eating dinner? Well, I bargained with my husband that he'd do bath time and snuggle our son if I cleared the table and did the dishes. I'm so glad I got that duty. It allowed me to sit and digest all this pot roast and do some blogging as a lazy bear.

My fridge is also "full of food". So much so, that I couldn't put in the leftovers from the pot roast. As the week goes on, I know it will be less full, so I'm not too worried. It just means I need to juice MORE!

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