Saturday, December 22, 2012


Something needs to change.  I know it, I can feel it, and I need it. And not change for the sake of change. Change for the sake of I need to live a longer, happier life. Change for the better. This isn't change for New Year's. I could care less about the time of year for this change. It just needs to happen. And what better time than during my three week winter break from teaching?

One instance of my change is to try and save more money. Our cable/phone/internet rates are ridiculously high. For Christmas, I saved a ton of money by shopping via Groupon. And because money is tight, we ended up buying ourselves a shared gift...the gift of Roku. I'm liking it. However, to cancel our cable and phone service to just keep the internet, it's going to cost us $100! They get you on both ends, don't they?

Roku has Netflix on it, so I am now able to load up a bunch of movies that I haven't had the desire to pay $10 to see in the theater or take the time to watch on DVD. One such movie I watched two days ago (that has given me inspirado for this blog), is a documentary called, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". I could relate to the title. I feel all those things most days.

In this film, Joe, who is fat and sick with an autoimmune disorder, decides to drink nothing but fresh juice from a juicer for 60 days. His theory is that he will cure himself of his ailments just from drinking fresh juice.

Every moment of this film was inspiring. Therefore, I am on a quest to juice. I don't know for how long  just yet. But I want to chronicle my journey through this blog "Thinspirado". 

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